King Cobra waterslide

It’s been a while since a slide with such massive visual impact has been introduced. Gorgeous, Revolutionary, Exhilarating, Entertaining’ That’s taking theming and waterslides to the next level
KING COBRA is a gorgeous waterslide that offers one of the most “intense” riding experiences of the industry, while proving itself as the number one attraction in terms of visual impact and spectator appeal. It creates a truly different experience both for the riders and for the spectators. With its unique design configuration, fiberglass theming, coloring and its unique riding path, it will surely be the most attractive attraction in your park.
The core feature of the patent pending KING COBRA is its unique configuration that enables 2 double tubes to race through a circular path with twists, turns, and surprises. The heart pounding ride continues as riders experience the drop of their lives racing and entering into the snake’s valley at the same time.
Product Features
• Fully enclosed version available for a completely dark attraction
• “Natural Light Effects” system applicable
• Conveyor or tower available as an entry option
• Unique fiberglass theming and coloring
• Strong visual impact
• Strong spectator appeal
• Visual, auditory, foggy effects available as optional
• Different theming options other than cobra available
• The exit part can be combined with other slides
• High capacity ride
• A truly racing slide ( circular racing with turns, twists)
• Each Slide can be used with both Single and Double Tubes: Share the Experience or Try it Alone!
• Configuration enables to choose between a pool or a run-out for the exit part